The crimes against Serbs in Kosovo are still unsolved

The killing of children in Gorazdevac, Stolic family in Obilic, Serbs in Livadica, the harvesters in Staro Gracko are just some of the crimes committed against Kosovo Serbs, that are still unsolved. UNMIK investigators, failed to find either the perpetrators or accomplices. Progress in uncovering the truth has not been made by EULEX either.
An investigation into the killings of children in the Bistrica River in  Gorazdevac, that EULEX took over from UNMIK is closed, because investigators concluded that the mission does not have enough evidence and witnesses to discover the truth.
EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljević says the unavailability of witnesses is the biggest problem.
"If you appear on the scene of the crime ten years later you will face with the fact that people are no longer available or are unwilling to testify. Any officially closed investigation can be opened again by the prosecutor if  new evidence is available that can trigger the investigation forward. For other cases that have occurred, they are not closed, "said Gudeljević.
In the Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs, they consider UNMIK responsible for the fact that perpetrators of numerous murders and attacks on the Serbs were not detected until now, who at the time when the event took place was in charge of the police and judiciary.
"For some failures made by UNMIK and EULEX I can not take that responsibility. For me there is this maxim that justice is slow, but that the perpetrators eventually have to come out, "said Bajram Rexhepi, Kosovo's Interior Minister.
The representative of the European Movement of Serbs, Rada Trajkovic said that the destruction of evidence and witness intimidation are the main reasons that the perpetrators of crimes against the Serbs have not been discovered.
"Is it done by the locals that are installed within international institutions, by the corrupt individuals within the international mission, or the international representatives- I do not know, but the result of all this is that, unfortunately, to this day the killing of Serbs remained unpunished," said Trajkovic.
Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija and Kosovo police have asked the EULEX to take over the investigation into the killing and wounding of members of Putnik family, that occurred in Zrze near Orahovac, last weekend. However, in the EULEX thay claim that the decision about whether to take the case, has not yet been reached.
The EU mission in Kosovo confirmed that the Prosecutor of the Special team to investigate allegations of organ trafficking and his associates in the coming weeks is traveling to Albania for the purpose of bringing the investigation to clear conclusions.

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