Madeleine Albright - Bombing Of Serbia Was Illegal, But Fair & "Privatizing" Kosovo: The Madeleine Albright Way

Actions of the United States during the Kosovo crisis, including bombing of the areas which were not sanctioned by the United Nations, were illegal, according to the international law, but fair, said on Thursday the former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

The bombing of Kosovo in 1999 was ordered by the then U.S. President Bill Clinton, in order to stop “brutality” of Serbian forces against Albanians in Kosovo.

Comparing that crisis with the current situation in Syria, Albright said for NPR that there is number of different legal ways for the U.S. to attack that West Asian country without the approval from UN Security Council.

“I believe there is number of ways for us to that. When you ask if that is legal – honestly, to go back to Kosovo, system kind of said that what we did there was not legal, but was fair. I have always believed that we are better in multilateral than unilateral actions. But, there are other ways to understand this and get out of the blind street of the Security Council,” concluded Albright. [1]

"Privatizing" Kosovo: The Madeleine Albright Way

Recently, however, Albright and others have commenced new efforts at involvement in Kosovo that left local people concerned about the intentions of their benefactors of more than a decade past. In The New York Times on December 12, Matthew Brunwasser wrote under a page-one headline, "That Crush at Kosovo's Business Door? The Return of U.S. Heroes." The Times account described Albright and James W. Pardew, a special envoy sent to the Balkans by President Bill Clinton, offering competing bids for privatization of the Kosovo state postal and telecommunications agency, known as PTK (from its Albanian and Serbian initials).

General Wesley Clark, chairman of Envidity, a Canadian firm interested in Kosovo's coal mines and potential for synthetic fuel production, has also gone to Kosovo in search of financial advantage. But Albright's involvement has given her the highest profile in the discussion of Kosovo's economic future. According to the Times, "Albright Capital Management, founded by Ms. Albright, has been shortlisted in the bidding for a 75 % share in… PTK." 

The Times estimates the probable payout to Kosovo political leaders for PTK, if a deal is consummated, at "between $400 million and $800 million." Officials of another Albright entity, Albright Stonebridge Group, have a minor share in PTK's only competitor, the private company IPKO, based in Slovenia. Times correspondent Brunwasser wrote that the situation could "threaten… market competition if Ms. Albright's consortium wins the bid" for PTK." [2]

[2] Full text: "Privatizing" Kosovo: The Madeleine Albright Way
By Bob Djurdjevic

When asked recently if he knew that Albright was of Jewish heritage, a Belgrade university professor replied: "Of course, I know that. 'Everybody and his uncle' in Belgrade knows that."

Except, it seems, for Madeleine Albright herself. And the gullible American media which are yet to print any details about Albright's stay in Belgrade. So "Da Bull" flourishes...

By contrast, here is what this writer wrote on Feb. 4 - the day before he saw the Washington Post or the New York Times stories about Albright - to a media editor in Washington, DC:
"...In the meantime, thought you may be interested in the enclosed letter (about Clinton and Albright letting down a Marine beaten by Milosevic's police) which I sent today to all U.S. Senators and Congressmen who have e-mail addresses.

I also thought that it was quite disgraceful for Madeleine Albright suddenly to 'discover' her Jewish heritage today, when this was commonly known by everybody who knew her family, who moved from Czechoslovakia to Belgrade, Serbia, in 1936 partly to avoid the Nazis' persecution.

Which is why I thought that she had deliberately withheld that information from her "official bio," maybe so that she would not have to explain that she got to go to school in Serbia, or that her father (a former Czech ambassador in Belgrade) was a great Serbophile.

Now that she admitted her Jewish background, plus that she was raised a Roman Catholic before becoming an Episcopalian, my... she may be only the second U.S. government official after Clinton to qualify for my 'Nothing-nothing' liberal nirvana award. Heck she is half way there now! 

With three religions in her bag already, she only has to convert to Islam, Buddhism and the Orthodox Christianity and she'd be a model of a liberal nihilist-globalist - Ms. Halfbright Nothing, 'citizen of the world,' who believes in nothing."[smiley face] (except money and power).[3]

[3] Full text "DA BULL" By Bob Djurdjevic

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